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Candidates must pass CMT Level II exam if they can demonstrate a deep level of analysis and the use of technical tools. Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the application of techniques, analysis and theory in order to pass the exam. A candidate can pass the Level II CMT test within the time limit by taking the rest of the tests. Sources: 2

The CMT exam comprises three stages, which form the basis for integrating technical analysis tools into your current practice. The tests for each of these levels are carried out every year between April and October. Successful preparation for the exam requires candidates to study according to the CMT Association Curriculum published by Wiley. Sources: 5, 9

The first two are multiple choice formats and the final exam is a four-hour essay exam. The CMT Association recommends a minimum of 100 hours of learning time for each level, but many applicants spend more time reading and preparing. Exams are offered twice a year, meaning applicants can complete the programme in just 18 months. Sources: 5

Candidates who take the exam need 400 hours of preparation, split into three levels each 100 hours for Level I, 140-160 hours for Level II and so on for each level. The different planes differ from each other, and the aspirants must prepare themselves separately. At Level III, course duration, candidates can pass all levels on the first attempt if they complete the course within 48 months. Sources: 11, 12

Candidates must complete the application process to obtain this designation and satisfy all three exam levels to obtain the designation. In addition to passing the three tests, the candidate must also receive recommendations from three sponsors who are CMT members. After the candidates have completed their final examinations, they must submit a membership application and three sponsorship questionnaires. Sources: 2, 5

The person must first join the CMT Association as associate member and register for the CCT Association sponsored program to register for CMT (r) program. You must be an MTA member with 3 sponsors (not a CMT Charter holder), and have been employed in a role in which you perform technical analyses, and the employment requirement may be lifted under certain circumstances (I do not know what these are, but I suspect recent unemployment is similar ). Sources: 0, 5

I think it is in the interests of technical analysis to list why the requirements for testing are prohibitive. If I am currently employed for at least three (3) years in a professional analysis or investment management function and have been doing this function for some time, I can pass all three stages of the CMT exam but if I have nothing to do with it, I have zero interest to do a CMT thing. Sources: 0

I decided to seek the Chartered Market Technicians Certification ( MTA ) to continue my education on the financial side of things, especially technical analysis, which I have been doing for quite some time. After doing some technical analysis for a while, I decided to take the exams (1-3) for the CMT certification on a short curriculum. I only started studying for the exam at the beginning of April and passed the exam on May 1st. Sources: 7

I attended an informative webinar from the MTA CMT Certification Host that declared that it is possible to pass the exam with a minimum of 40 hours using technical analysis. I have downloaded a full practical exam from the MTA website for those who want to have additional practical questions. Sources: 7

I passed Level I with very little learning effort (I found that Level I was first easier to achieve than Level II) and similarly tried to prepare for the exam, but failed for the very first time in my life. Although I am anything but obsessive, it was an emotional anomaly for me. It upset my ability to concentrate and organise for my second attempt at the exam and, above all, for the first time in my experience, the fear of exams and the fact that my confidence was completely destroyed. Sources: 6

After I had the experience of Level II, it was clear to me that registering for the Optumas program abroad was a no-brainer. In fact, I signed up for their Level I program and was so excited to cross the finish line that anyone wanting to pass CMT exams should learn how to use the material in their work. I recommended asking Optuma for help. Sources: 6

The CMT Level III exam tests candidates in developing research opinions, investment approaches and trade decisions based on charts and data. The curriculum is designed to promote the expertise of candidates in the field of technical analysis. During the examination, the candidate analyses specific case studies and makes recommendations. Sources: 2

The CMT Exam for Level One costs $450 – $750 and members of the CMT Association pay $475 – $875. The CMT exams for level two cost $650 to $1,050 (depending on whether you apply as a CMT member or outside the association) and they cost $475 to $875. The price for the CMT exam for level three is the same as the price for the Level Two exam, but you have to pay for the study materials for the exam, which range from $225 for level I (e-book format and printing) to $275 for level III e-book (format and printing). Sources: 10

CMT Level I and Level II exam administration will be conducted on June 3 and 13th 2021. The exam administration for CMT levels I and II will take place on 2 and 12 June 2022, respectively. The audit management of the two CMT stages in December 2021 will take place from 2 to 12 December 2020. Sources: 4

The date of the next exam administration will appear on the page of each exam level. To register for my CMT on the website, select my profile under My Account, select Edit My Data, enter the CFA charter information and register for the Level II exam. Sources: 4

From 2020, you can take your CMT exam at home with the Proctor application or travel to a Prometric test center. There is a $250 fee to become a candidate for the CMT program, but this is a one-time fee and you will remain a candidate until the program has completed. Apart from the Level II examination fees and registration materials, this fee includes the total cost of joining the CMT Association and CFA CharterHold. Sources: 4
















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